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tutorial #9

we'll be making this
(requested by miss_newyork)

- photoshop cs 2
- lot's of erasing, pasting and cutting =)

step 001
first take a neutral texture for background. i used two, just to make it more interesting (set the second to multiply). the first one is by toybirds and the second by world_dreams

step 002
then i take my picture, re-size it, colour it, sharpen it, basically do whatever needed. you can take a look at my other tutorials to find a colouring guide for your picture.
i myself used THIS colouring quite a lot from a tutorial i didn't make, but i don't know who did. (if you do, please tell me!!)

also, it's better to use a picture with a light background, that way it will be easier to delete stuff later. i used this picture.

step 003
paste the image on the background texture, set it to darken and place it how you want.

step 004
then erase the background. i used a vector mask, because that way you can correct your mistakes. just click on a little box like this- - and then if you use the colour black, you can 'erase' everything you don't need. (and using white will bring it all right back :P)

step 005
then take a texture by discolore like this one from this set, re-size it and then duplicate it twice and then set the first layer to color burn and the second to multiply, to get this

step 006
then paste it under the picture (above the background texture). place it the way you want behind the picture and then use a soft round brush to 'erase' everything from the picture, that is outside the texture, if you know what i mean. you should end up with something like this-


step 007
now you can see parts of all the textures through lauren =)
to fix that, make a new layer behind the picture layer and using the colour white, just paint all the bits where you can see the background. you should end up with something like this-

spot the difference?

step 008
now let's add some tiny text. i use this- - text brush by colorfilter in an orange colour and paste it behind the picture and duplicate it an then set both layers to multiply so the text would be a bit darker.
when that's done, just flatten the image and that's all!

you can of course add text or other stuff to it to make it more fun and i hope it wasn't too hard to follow!

there are more icons made using similar technique in THIS post.

- this tutorial is a guideline, do not follow it step by step!!
- i'd like to get feedback on this tutorial and also see what others can do with this
- feel free to ask, if something is unclear
- if you like this, feel free to join this journal
Tags: #9, lauren graham, tutorial
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