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yes, i'm hopeless.


[001-036] supernatural
(requests, 3x09- malleus maleficarum, 3x10- dream a little dream of me and 2x02- everybody loves a clown)

[001; 002; 003; 004]

[005; 006; 007; 008]

[009; 010; 011; 012]

[013; 014; 015; 016]

[017; 018; 019; 020]

[021; 022; 023; 024]

[025; 026; 027; 028]

[029; 030; 031; 032]

[033; 034; 035; 036]

[001-010] for baruchel
[011-016] for mellaithwen
[017-024] for jann_ness
PS. i'm still willing to make you icons, if you comment HERE!

please credit arbuus or seeingyouaround
textless icons are not bases // do not edit!
please don't hotlink
Tags: icons, jensen ackles, supernatural
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Deleted comment

hehe, thank you!!
did you even notice how Dean-centered mine are ;)?
you're SO in love with him hehe.
they are GORGEOUS though, thank you!!

can I ask for something off the scene of dream a little dream of me, where Sam wakes up after the sex dream? LOVED his faces there.

maybe some off Ruby? or Bela? something devious. I quite love how the main female characters on this series are more or less devious.

I know I've already requested but I'm a greedy bastard! You don't need to make any more for me, just thought if you get bored (:

AND I just realized it was your birthday like AGES ago (aaaahhh sorry!), happy belated birthday my dear!! ♥ ♥ ♥
lol, now that you mention it- yes!!
well if i like him then everyone else has to like him too!!!! ok, just kidding :)

well i made these (i hope you had that scene in mind):

i'm planning on more of the girls in the next post, these are just from the last two episodes..

and thank you! ♥
Snagging 1, 7, 20, 22, 33
thank you!! and i'm really glad you liked so many of these :)
#1 and #3 have been nominated HERE @ cw_awards
awesome coloring!!
great icons *_*

I nominated your icons at ros_awards : here ^^
this is so late.. so so very late because i had a lot of personal life shit going down so i wasn't on ij much but i decided to check up on your journal and those are terrific. thanks!
Awesome! I've seen your icons around here and there and always thought them so terrific. I've been meaning to track you down and see if you had an icon journal for ages, but me and to do lists... we're not friends.

Anyway, I'm here now and I'm thrilled! I snagged #12, 13, 18, 32 & 36. Thank you!

P.S. I would have snagged #32, only clowns creep me the fuck out. It's funny though! :)